USB Socket Repair

USB port socket

Broken USB Ports

USB Sockets differ from laptop to laptop in shape, size and configuration. I can source most replacements but we may need to open your laptop to determine what part it needs before we can be sure it's one we can replace.

I offer a fast replacement service if you have:

  • Broken the usb socket
  • Shorted the usb socket
  • Damaged the audio / speaker socket
  • Damaged the ethernet socket
  • Damaged or have a faulty HD socket

As with broken DC sockets, the manufacturer of the laptop will not usually replace just the broken USB port, they will change the entire motherboard if you send it to them for repair. More likely than not, the manufacturer will consider damage to DC sockets and USB ports to be the fault of the consumer and as such this sort of repair will not be covered by warranty.