Laptop Power Jack Repair in Mesa Arizona

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair / Replacement

When a laptop has a damaged power jack it will not charge or may not charge properly. 

laptop power jackDoes your laptop fail to charge up when you have it plugged in?

  • Does it flicker and show a dim screen indicating it is running on battery?
  • Have the kids, the dog, or yourself tripped over the cord and yanked it out of the laptop?
  • Have you set your laptop down and put undo pressure on your power jack?
  • Is the power cable able to wiggle back and forth, or side to side after you insert it into the laptop?
  • Are there broken pieces floating around inside your computer?
  • Your laptop shuts down suddenly with no warning?
  • You have to arrange the power cord a certain way, or prop it up with a book in order for it to work?
  • Has the entire power jack been pushed back inside the laptop?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you probably have a broken dc power jack inside your laptop. It is a very common thing to have happen to any laptop including Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Gateway, and Sony. If you sent the computer back to the manufacturer they would recommend a complete motherboard replacement often costing more than the entire laptop is worth. This is a fairly hard job if you’ve never replaced a power jack before. The entire laptop has to come apart the and the old jack taken off.  Then the new jack needs to be soldered on and the laptop reassembled.

I can bring life back to your computer with a DC power jack repair or replacement. I have a flat rate which includes parts and labor. There are no hidden fees. I am confident the overall cost will still be competitive with other laptop power jack repair centers.  I will provide a 30 day warranty for the power jack repair.

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Do you need a power jack replaced on a laptop? If you need your notebook DC power jack replaced you can drop off your computer and have it back in 24 hours. (I may need lead time to order your particular jack, even though I stock almost all of the common ones.)

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